Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Life is Beautiful 380.

After the nice lunch Ram ,Madhavan and Prasanna came out from the hotel.
Prasanna. I kept sweet pocket in side my car .I bought it from Bengaluru.My mother also prepared your Sweet Mysorepak.
Ram.Thank youPrasanna.Always your mother  sends me mysore pak through some body.
Prasanna.What is your programme now.
Ram.Not decided ,what about you.Madhavan
Madhavan.No specific programme for me.
Ram.Then we will go to City Center
Madhavan.I was told City center is one of the old mall liked by all despite  many new malls  have arrivedrecently.
Ram.True.I still like city center.
Prasanna.Yes,i too like .We shall start now.
While going in the Car Ram 's phone was ringing.It was Vasanthy
Ram  was hesitate to take the number
Prasanna.Sir,you kindly check it is my mother in law .Itold her i will be meeting you for lunch.Some times my number she is notgetting and i gave your number.
VasanthyHow are you Ram.
Ram .I am fine.Just now Prasanna told you may call in my number.I will give it to him.
Prasanna.Hello,tell me Amma
Vasanthy.You ask Ram will it be possible to  come for lunch next friday.
PrasannaIwill ask. Kathambari is there.
Vasanthy.She has gone to Eighth floor to see her friend.Any thing important
Prasanna.Nothing .O.K.iwill ask Ram Sir
Vasanthy.Convey my regards to him.
Prasanna.Bye now,We are going to City Center
Vasanthy.Have a nice time to you all.
After that Prasanna,asked Ram,will it be convenient to come next friday for lunch to our home
Ram.i will see.
They reached City Center.Prasanna Parked his Car
When Ram and Madhavan was getting down Suddenly some body called Ram

See You Next Week,

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