Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on14March 18  Dialogue and discussion This is with reference to the Sri Lankan crisis (“Embassy issues travel advisory for Emiratis visiting Sri Lanka”, Gulf News, March 9). It has been more than one year since the conflict between the nationalist Buddhist and Muslim groups was aggravated. On March 5, a group set a Muslim’s shop on fire, and this was the cause for a 10-day curfew imposed by the Sri Lankan government. I think it would affect tourists who are already there and the Indian cricket team as well. Communal tension is more visible in recent months and this is not a healthy sign. Above all, even during the curfew period, violence continued and this was sad and painful. Attacking any group, regardless of their religion, is unacceptable. For normalcy to continue in Sri Lanka, both groups should not use violence. Peaceful dialogue is needed at this hour.From Mr K. Ragavan India

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