Saturday, March 24, 2018


Letter Published in The National UAE o 25March 18   I refer to your article Whistleblower Christopher Wylie reveals Cambridge Analytica’s dark arts (March 21). Today, protection of personal data for users of social media sites has become a herculean task.
The revelations concerning Cambridge Analytica’s alleged harvesting of the data of millions of Facebook users, which may have played a role in the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency in 2016, are deeply troubling. They are certainly not a mark of a healthy society.
Breaching the confidence of social media users is unacceptable and many are understandably withdrawing from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, made an apology and promised data breaches would not occur in the future. How much of a difference will Mr Zuckerberg’s apology make? After the Cambridge Analytica revelations, everyone will think twice before signing up to any social media platform. Privacy simply cannot be compromised.
K Ragavan, Bangalore

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