Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Life is Beautiful 414.

Ram never expected after a good coverage in their Channel about actress Sridevi's visit to Dubai  and the sudden demise  afterthe coverage.By the time Raj came from his work
Ram  no one can believe the demise of the Wonderful actress.
Ram.Yes,i coukd n't believe
Raj.We do n't know what will happen next minute to us.
Ram.Why Minute next Second.Suh is the case why people are fighting and killing each other
i  am talking  the deaths in Syria.
Raj.True.Syrian on going chaos is very tragic.When that will be stopped.
Ram.God only has to help Syrians.How was your day
Raj.Fine.Tomorrow i am going to India
Ram.Is it.
Raj.I got a call from my Senior.We are going to have our annual meeting in Bengaluru.
Ram.For that you are going.Good.You have also completed three months in Dubai.
Raj.Thank you for all your help particularly my comfortable stay with you.
Ram.Do n't thank me.It is my duty to take care of my good friend.
Raj.Tomorrow morning is my flight.I will go and pack my things.
Ram.Yes,carry on.See you in the morning.Good night
After Raj left Ram was watching the T.V.
By the time he received a call from Prasanna.
Sir,i came to know Raj sir is leaving tomorrow morning.Tell him tomorrow i will meet him in the airport.I wanted to give a small parcel to my Mom/
Ram.I will tell him.
Prasanna.Thank you sir,sorry for the disturbance.Good night
Ram.Good night
After that Ram  went out for a small walk.His mind was Completly up set about Sridevi's death and hence he wanted to go for a walk
(to be continued)
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