Sunday, March 25, 2018


Letter Published in The NationalUAE on 26March 18   In reference to your story Stars turn out to support March for Our Lives (March 25), the people of the US have suffered enough from gun violence. While students protest in front of the White House, a gun culture which has been there for many decades still pervades. Whoever comes into the White House never bothers to tackle this gun culture, which is a huge menace to society and causes great tragedy.
Presidents talk about global terrorism and having allies worldwide but they don’t seem concerned about the safety of people on their very own doorstep.
The pictures of all the people marching were remarkable. It is high time the Trump administration took note of them, stepped up to the plate and dealt with this important issue before another tragedy happens. The safety of the innocent is all-important. Please Mr Trump, do not ignore the call of your people at this crucial time.
K Ragavan, Bengalaru

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