Thursday, March 29, 2018


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 30 March 18

Fighting for what is right

Seven years ago, popular Indian social activist Anna Hazare had a big impact on the then Congress-led government, and now he is in the midst of a hunger strike again — this is laudable (“Hunger striker Hazare dismisses government draft”, Gulf News, March 25). The Narendra Modi government, without further delay, should approve his demands for the implementation of a Lokpal bill. This time, he has returned with determination, and how long his hunger strike will go on for, no one can predict. Apart from the bill, this time, he added another clause for farmers and their demands, which is remarkable. With his age, determination and the cause he is fighting for, he should be remembered and the Indian government should not neglect him this time. Will the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government respect this activist’s genuine demands? We will have to wait and see.

From Mr K. Ragavan

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