Thursday, June 7, 2018


Letter Published in Gulf News UAE on 8 June 18Rape, assault and shame
Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein’s bail was set at $1 million (“Harvey Weinstein indicted on rape charges”, Gulf News, June 1). The shameful act of the producer and director came into public view and he is now facing charges. He surrendered and this is the dramatic development of the case. While we are waiting on the outcome of the case, it has been interesting to see the latest development in the Hollywood film industry. Based on the accusations, Weinstein has been charged with rape. He was subject to a lengthy investigation by New York police over the past few months. Whatever the result of any court case, it will be difficult for him to recover from all the allegations, despite his awards and achievements. All celebrities have a responsibility to safeguard their reputation and adhere to the highest standards of behaviour. Film actresses and models won’t complain against him unless and until he misbehaved with them. Despite paying the bail amount, his reputation won’t come back. It is a sad state of affairs.
From Mr K. Ragavan

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