Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Life is Beautiful 301

Next day all the guests went for Desert safari including Prasanna's mother.She enjoyed the drive in the desert.Most of the visitors visiting Dubai will be going  for this adventure .Kathambari and Prasanna also  liked this.While going Murthy was telling.
Ram  i am thanking you  on behalf of all  for bringing us to Dubai
Ram.Not to me.You should thanks to Kathambari and her mother.
Kathambari.No,Because of Ram every body gathered here.I am really very happy.
Vasanthy.I am very happy that all have come and graced this wedding.
Srivatsava.It was a memorable trip for all of us.Seeing the beautiful locations of the Golden city Dubai'stall  buildings and the excellent metro.
Raj.Venus caterer made us very happy with tasty food and sweets.
Prasanna's Mother.I am very happy the marriage went on very well with our samprathayam.
Raj.True.It was a great marriage with melodious sweet songs .
Srivatsava.Lot of dignitaries from all walks of life had attended.
Ram.Because of Kathambari's contacts and Prasanna's Clients and Doctors.
Vasanthy.All because of Ram.
MurthyNo doubt about that.He is the Cementing factor for all.
Ram.Thank you all for the compliment.This is because of My Acharyan's blessings and above all  the  lord Uppiliappan's Anoograham every thing went on well.Vasanthy.True.With out his blessings nothing can be done
While returning on the way Ram showed the two leading news papers Gulf News,and Khaleej time's office.All were thrilled to see the two  beautiful building.
Murthy.Lovely office.
(to be continued)
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