Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Life is Beautiful 302.

Prasanna's mother was thrilled to see the buildings and the beautiful cars passing.She was telling to Vasanthy.Nice buildings and  lovely people. i am not feeling any change here.
Vasanthy.Yes,this country is liked by  every one.All the  foods are available here.
Mother.Earlier Prasanna has told me about Dubai and today i am seeing on my own eyes.Great City
Vasanthy.Your Mysore also beautiful .
Mother.Yes,Mysore is beautiful and the people also nice.
Vasanthy.I left Bengaluru twenty years back.Now it might have developed nicely
Raj.Yes,lot of new buildings have come .Real estate is booming.But the traffic is too much today and roads are bad.
Vasanthy.I read in papers roads are bad and   lots of potholes.
Raj.  State government  can develop the city but no political will from the government  to serve the people
Vasanthy. Sad.Here even though this is managed by rulers they take care of the people.
Raj.Correct. Today Dubai  is World famous city.
Vasanthy.I am seeing the development over the years.
By the time they reached the hotel where they were staying.
Vasanthy.Good night to all.See you tomorrow in the Cricket stadium.
They have fixed the programme to visit the Cricket stadium   in Sharjah next day.
Then Kathambari took her car from the hotel ,Ram i will drop you to your home while going to my house.
Then they left the hotel.
(to be continued)
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