Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Life is Beautiful 303.

Next day all the guests  arrived at Sharjah cricket Stadium.Murthy and Raj was thrilled to see the stadium which  was created a big  impact in One day international matches and the stadium was  compact and elegant.
Raj.I never expected that i will be visiting this great stadium.
Srivatsava.Yes,i too
Ram.This stadium was popular for One day matches  and particularly India and Pakistan  .People will come all over the Globe for seeing the matches.
Murthy.This belongs to whom.
Ram. This  was constructed in 1980 if i am right   by  AbdulRahman Bhukatir who is a leading industrialist in Sharjah  having many  Companies .He is a great fan of Cricket.The man who has created a revolution by constructing this beautiful stadium in the desert.
Murthy.Yes,An arab interested in Cricket is great.
Ram.In his establishment most of the Indians are having good position.
After finishing the stadium they came to Saravana Bhavan restaurant in King Faisal street ,Sharjah.
Prasanna's mother was happy to see the ground which she has seen in T.V .with Prasanna when he was studying in the Collage.
Vasanthy.I am also seeing the Stadium first time.
Raj.I see,who arranged for this.
Kathambari.Ram suggested this.
Raj.Thank you Ram.
Ram.Not for me.Prasanna told me the other day but i was also thinking how far you people like to see.
Raj.We all liked the stadium.
Then Food came to their table.All enjoyed the beautiful South indian thali.
When they came out   Vasanthy received a call from the CBD Bank Manager.
Madam,Today your FD is maturing.Can i renew it
Vasanthy.No,I will come tomorrow.
Then they took their respective seats in the bus.
(tobe continued)
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