Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life is Beautiful 262.

 In this world every individual wants to  fulfill  their  dreams, and desire .Most of them are selfish .But Ram is entirely different from others.From his child hood his  Mother taught him broad thinking and helping nature to  others.Ram lost his father when he was ten years.His mother brought him till he became a Professor. After few months his mother  passed.Ram felt her absence. After her demise he was helping deserving students  fees and other expenses. One of his student was Prasanna came up nicely and today he is in a comfortable position. Why i want to  take you all Ram's past history ,his nature is to highlight his good nature and character.
Dubai was busy as usual .Ram was  coming from his office.Ali was driving
Sir,Today too much traffic. Every day lot of tourists are visiting
Ram.Yes Ali.The Country is Progressing past because of good ruler and governance.
Ali.You are right sir,Our country also now progressing.
Ram.Yes,I know that.The present government should prove they are   Secular and create confidence to the people.
Ali.True sir,Hope they will  demonstrate and create  confidence.
By that time Ram's phone was ringing. Vasanthy is on the other line,
Ram,How are you.Long time no communication from you.
Ram.I was thinking about you  just now ,.
Vasanthy.Are you busy.
Ram.I am on the way to my house.
Vasanthy.O.K.I will call you after one hour.Bye now
(to be continued)
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