Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life is Beautiful 263.

Exactly after one hour Ram received a call from Vasanthy.
Ram.How are you Vasanthy.Today i did n't expect your call.But i am happy  to hear your Beautiful voice.
Vasanthy.Thank you.Why i called you was to find out a good place for Kathambari's marriage.First i thought of Celebrating in Mysore but later i changed my mind to Dubai.
Vasanthy.The reason  is Kathambari has plenty of friends here and we need not  go to Mysore and arrange.
Ram.Good idea.
Vasanthy.Prasanna's mother and others i will arrange to attend the marriage.
Ram.Good idea.They all can see Dubai.
Vasanthy.I thought this will be a better idea.
Ram.You are not only Beautiful but your idea's also beautiful.
Vasanthy.All because of your association.What are you doing now.
Ram.Talking with my beautiful lady.
Vasanthy.Yesterday in the tamil channel i was watching Sumai thangi and remembered our  old days.
Ram.I can not for get on that day.You are wearing beautiful Blue saree.
Vasanthy.You still remember that.You were wearing Cream colur shirt .
Ram.You are also remembering.After this marriage we have to join.
Ram.Nice.Waiting for that day
Vasanthy.I have expressed every thing  like a story in my letter to you.
Vasanthy.O.k.Take care ,I will call you later.
After that Ram started thinking what she has written in that letter. Because in Cyprus his room boy by oversight took his coat along with that letter and spoiled.He does not want to tell his Beautiful Vasanthy about the letter he lost.At the same he was curious about the content of the letter.
Will his anxious to know the letter Content wheather  he will succeed or not  we can see in the coming days.
See You Next Week,

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