Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life is Beautiful 264.

For the past few days Mysore was very pleasant. The reason was good rains.Murthy was busy in his office with his MD  Srivatsava  preparing  for  Dubai tour
M.D.  Mr Murthy  Yesterday i received a call from Raj asking me  wheather i can go to tomorrow's cricket match in B angalore.
Murthy.Oh Nice.Tomorrow RCB vs Mumbai Indians.YOu can go with him .
M.D. I love to go.But tomorrow some guests are coming .Why do n't you go.
Murthy.I like to go.But i am travelling day after tomorrow.
M.D.I have for gotten.I will ask my friend to go along with Raj.
Murthy.That is nice.
M.D. Convey my regards to Ram ,Atkinson and Kathambari.
M.D.I will see you lateR.
After he left Murthy was busy in his work preparing Strategies for the new product launch.
By the same time Prasanna was busy in his work. Suddenly he received a call from Kathambari
Hello,How are you
Prasanna.I am fine.Surprise to receive a call at this hour.
Kathambari. I wanted to talk to you
Prasanna.Fine,Tell me
Kathambari.Mom wants to perform our marriage in Dubai only .Is it O.K.for you.
Prasanna.No Problem,I will bring my Mom and important relatives.
Kathambari.You need not worry for that.Mom will arrange for all our guests.
Kathambari.I wanted to tell this in advance.I missed you few days
Prasanna.Me too,how was your work.
Kathambari.Fine,Now we are busy with IPLCoverage.
Prasanna.I have been watching regularly Rajasthan Royals are playing very well.
Kathambari.Yes,they are doing very well.Bye now dear .Tcare.
Prasanna.You too.
After that Prasanna was busy in his  routine.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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