Monday, April 27, 2015

Lifeis Beautiful 265.

Evening suddenly rain started in Dubai.This is the first time  Suddenly rain   was pouring.Morning there was no indication and no weather forecast was also announced.Ram was about to start to his home but because of heavy rains came back to his Cabin.By that time Kathambari also came to Ram's cabin.
Ram i never expected this much rain today.Good rain
Ram.No body expected this including the Dubai ruler.
Kathambari.Yes,it was a pleasant surprise for all of us.I am enjoying.
By that time Kathambari's phone was ringing.Vasanthy was   on the other side
Kathambari,here heavy rain in your office side also heavy rain
Kathambari.Yes Mummy.When i started rain started .i am talking with Ram
Vasanthy.Convey my regards to him. Come after the rain over.
Kathambari.Sure.My mummy conveyed her regards to you.
Ram.Thank you.You would like to have tea.
Kathambari.Yes, I will bring from the Pantry room.
Ram. I Thought i can call siva.
Kathambari.He has gone  early today.I will bring.
After few minitues Kathambari brought the tea along with Salt biscuits.
Ram.This is ideal combination.Thank you.
Kathambari.I like to take Monoco salt biscuits along with tea.Today i feel like having salt biscuits.
Ram.Good,I also like this combination.
After half an hour rain was stopped.
Kathambari.I will drop you
Ram.I was waiting for Ali.
Kathambari.He has gone to some place.No problem i will take you.
Ram.Fine.Shall we go.
While going Ram was  telling her how he met her and came to Dubai Ram..  this was  like a dream.
Kathambari.Yes.How i met you in Mysore and how you joined us all like a dream.Time is going very fast .
Ram.I completed three years in this Beautiful Country.
Kathambari.Yes,This is really beautiful
By that time She was crossing Lamcy Plaza.
(to be continued)
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