Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Life is Beautiful 305.

Next day all the Guests  came to Emirates Terminal at 3-45PM. After checking the baggage they were waiting for Vasanthy and Ram.After few minutesRam came.
Raj.Good after noon Ram.We came at 3-45.Finished our checking .
Ram.Good,Kathambari's mother called me and told she will be arriving here at 4P.M.
Prasanna's Mother.When are you coming to Mysore.
Ram.Not decided.
Raj.I think  you came last year only
Ram.Correct.I came to Dubai three years back.Only once i came to India.I will try to come this year
Prasanna's Mother.Dubai is a nice place.Every body is happy here.No power cut,water problem
Ram.Yes,here the system is good .People are taken care.
Raj.We have every thing in our place.But no care for the people.Inflation is going up.
Ram.Correct.The new government has to control this.
Raj. yes. Prime  Minister Modi  wanted that India should become a great nation and introducing new programmes visiting many countries.But the internal problems with opposition and his own party men's comments and behaviour is a big challenge for him.Already 21Months passed and yet to wait for   implementing the programmes and policies because of opposition party's non co operation.
Ram.It is a tough task for him to solve this but still he is patient and confident that he will over come.He never loose his temper very cool and calm.
By that time Vasanthy arrived.
Vasanthy.Sorry,i was held up with some work.
Prasanna's Mother.I wo n't for get you and the marriage.You have to cometo mysore.
Vasanthy.Yes,i will try
Murthy.Thank you Madam,This visit  is a memorable one for all of us
Vasanthy.Thank you.Now you have to go  for boarding .Bye to all
Raj.Thank you.Regards to Kathambari.
Prasanna.I will tell her.Today she had some interview
All the Guests started moving to Boarding gate.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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