Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My View on Today's teens on social apps.

The recent development in  Social media is the more participation of teens on both gender.This is mainly due to Parents free hand to their children and providing them  all electronic devices including mobile phone.Their idea children  should  be well informed about the  technology. Children initially started  communicating with friends  and later   become addict and ignoring studies is the latest study in Global level.Once started Communicating with Unknown strangers then  become their friends believe their profile and sharing personal things leading to problems with female teens.Many incidents gone for suicides,and black mailing.This is because of the parents free hand to their children trusting them.But on the other hand teens were  exploiting  by the  strangers who claims their profile big and false information.I do n't say all the profiles are like that.But many wanted to exploit for the sake of money and teens will  landed in to problems.On the one hand  lot of good things Social media is providing.Viz Connecting old friends,Fast communication  and developing friendship with like minded people on the other teens are become the victims because of their addiction and  more involvement on Social apps.Parents should monitor periodically with their children activities  and guide them to use  social apps cautiously may  help to prevent addiction. Teens should concentrate  on their studies only and Social apps can be used for developing their knowledge and not to become addict No doubt today this is a great concern..In my opinion parents should  behave like friends to their children and explain the plus and minus points  will  certainly  reduce this concern.

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