Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life is Beautiful 306.

Next day  Morning  Prasanna's mother  received a call from Ananda Rao
Madam I heard  Prasanna's marriage was celebrated in a grand manner.
Mother.Yes,How you know
Ananda Rao.Raj mailed me with photos.Prasanna and Kathambari are made for each other.
Mother.Yes,It was  a lovely  marriage .Kathambari's mother Vasanthy is simple and broad thinking.
Ananda rao.Yes,i also heard about her.
Mother.Since you called me i want a small favour from you.
Ananda Rao.Tell me
Mother.Kindly find out from Venkateswara Perumal temple which date is vacant for performing Kalyana Utsavam.I want to do for Prasanna.
Ananda Rao.Very good.Evening i will find out and call you.Take rest.You have come from Dubai yesterday night.
Mother.No problem.Dubai is a Beautiful city.Many Kannadigas are there.Marriage food and sweets was nice.Vasanthy gave so much to me to distribute to our friends.You can come in the evening with your wife.
Ananda rao.Certainly.She was eager to see you.
Mother.Thank you.Shyamala is a nice lady.Simple and helpful.
Ananda rao.Thank you for your compliment.Iwill come in the evening.
After that Mother was busy with her routine.
Murthy was explaining to his wife Aarti and daughter about the marriage and  the desert trip tothem.
All the guests was happy and they were talking to friends and relatives.
The Same time Vasanthy entered  in to  Commercial Bank   ,Dubai branch   to meet Ali ,Manager.
Ali was not there.He has gone for  inspection.Vasanthy asked the Secretary
I am vasanthy,yesterday i told Ali that i will be coming today.Did he informed any thing.
Secretary.Yes ,Mam.He asked you to contact Rakesh,Room no 5.
Vasanthy.Thank you.
She came to  Cabin 5.Entered in side.
When the person sitting  in the Chair raised his head saw vasanthy.
Vasanthy was thrilled to see Rakesh .She never anticipated that she will meet again
Rakesh.Are you vasanthy, How are you
Vasanthy was taken a back
(tobe continued)
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