Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Life isBeautiful 307.

Rakesh also not expected  to meet Vasanthy again.
Vasanthy.How are you.
Rakesh.I am fine.Your face i can not for get.You are still looking the  Old Vasanthy.
Vasanthy.Thank you for your compliment.Where were you all these years.
Rakesh.After My Wife your good friend left me i lost interest  and could n't come for her accidental  death  happened in Mahabaleswar
when i was in Dubai at that time.
Vasanthy.Since she was my good friend  i informed you but dis appointed.
Rakesh. I agree i made  the mistake of not coming to my wife's funeral because i could n't bear her death.
Vasanthy.That day our bank staff members went for a joy ride in the boat but  due to heavy waves  we were throne out.Few have escaped but my good friend Vasanthy  left me.
Rakesh.   Even  today i am feeling for that tragic incident.What happened to my child.
Vasanthy.she has also
Rakesh.Oh,My god.
Vasanthy.Exactly this incident happened two decades back.After that i served in the bank for few years then i moved to Dubai.
Rakesh.After my wife's death i moved to South Africa   on transfer with the company where i worked  earlier.Then i changed  to Banking Industry and  joined CBD and came to Dubai.What about you and family.
Vasanthy.I have a daughter working in a Media house/
Rakesh.Good,what about your Husband.
Vasanthy.Till to day i am not married
Rakesh.Then the daughter
Vasanthy.I expected this question .Daughter i took adoption
Rakesh.Great.  Now what can i do for you.
Vasanthy.My FD deposit is matured yesterday.I wanted to Change it to my daughter's name.Here is the application form duly filled.
Rakesh.I will transfer that.You would like to take tea or Coffee.
Vasanthy.Thanks. I have to go.
Rakesh.Ok.Please keep in touch.
Vasanthy.Sure,you have my address and phone number  in my document.Bye now
After that Vasanthy  took a cab  to go to her  house.
(to be continued)
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