Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Life is Beautiful 279.

Next day morning Ram received a call from Murthy
Good Morning Ram How are you
Ram.I am fine.How are you.
Murthy.I am planning to leave for India on Thuresday.
Ram.I see.If you have not booked your return journey ,post pone it to Friday.
Ram.Kathambari's mother asked me to come for discussions along with Prasanna about the marriage.
Murthy.Is it Good news
Ram.Since you are his boss ,well wisher i want you should come on that day since you are very much here.
Murthy.Certainly,it is my pleasure to come on that day.I will go on Saturday.
Ram.Thank you.Give me Prasanna
Prasanna.Hello Sir,
Ram.Prasanna you know the news
Prasanna.I was hearing your Conversation.
Ram.You bring Murthy to my place.We all will go together.
Prasanna.Sure Sir
Ram.O.K.i  will see you both on friday inmu place.
After that Ram was busy in his morning routine.
He reached the office at 9.A.M. Kathambari was waiting for him
Ram.Good morning,
Kathambari.Ram ,I hope mother migh have told to meet on friday.
Kathambari.Regarding that i came here.I will come and Pick you.
Ram.Fine.i asked Prasanna and Murthy to come to my place
Kathambari.I will pick them and come to your place.You need not come by taxi.
Kathambari.Have a Nice day.
Ram.You too.
After that Ram was thinking how her respect  for him to come and pick him on that day..
(tobe continued)
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