Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Life is Beautiful 280.

On friday Kathambari picked Murthy and Prasanna came to Ram's house.Ram  invited them to the hall.Ram
Welcome my dear friends,what you would like to have
Kathambari. No, Thanks. We will go now.Mum is waiting there.
Ram.O.K.we will start.
While going Kathambari was asking Murthy
Hope you enjoyed your stay here.
Murthy.Yes,Dubai is a nice place.Every body coming here will certainly enjoy.I fully enjoyed.
Kathambari.What all the places you visited.
Murthy.Mainly important malls,desert safari,one movie,and above all visited good friend's place
Prasanna took me to all the places.
Kathambari.Nice, i know Prasanna will take you all the important places.
Ram.Yes,Prasanna is now familiarwith Dubai.
Prasanna.Yes, not fully.But important places i know
Kathambari.Especially hospitals,Doctors  he knows
Prasanna.Yes,that is my profession.
Ram. Murthy Your ticket is confirmed
Murthy.Yes,Tomorrow by Emirates
Ram.From Bengaluru  how you will go.
Murthy.By taxi.
Kathambari.My sore is a very nice place .i like very much.
Murthy.Because of that you got a Mysore boy
Kathambari.May be Mysore made me lot of changes in my  profession.I met Ram and introduce to Media world.
Ram.Because of Kathambari i came to Dubai.
Murthy.Because of you Prasanna got  Beautiful Kathambari.What you say Ram
Ram.All this has written already by the God.I strongly believe he is the one and only supreme
Murthy.Very true,
By that time Kathambari entered in to her Building.
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