Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tribute to Cinematographer ,Director Nemai Ghosh 363.

Today i remembered another interesting film personality  who has created a big impact in his four decades  film  career is none other than Cinematographer Director Nemai Ghosh.If i remember correct he started his career with famous Late Legend Satyajit Ray.One of the few Cinematographers popular in his indoor frame work is worth to be mentioned here.His contributions of films of various languages  viz ,Bengali,Hindi,Tamil,Kannada (if i am right)  with  noted Directors.He was also awarded merit certificate for his Directorial   work for Pathai theriyuthu Par  tamil  movie.He was associated few films  with Stalwart V.Srinivasan of Muktha Films and Late K.Bala chander .I have seen couple of films of this  doyen.Those films are Neer Kumuzi,Paathai Theriyuthu Par,Chiinamul,Soora vali, few films i could n't recollect.He was applauded for his frame work in Neer Kumuzi.His active movement in Chennai film society is very important. Apart from his film activity he was more attached to labour movementof workers in the film industry.Bengal is known for top class artists,technicians .Incidently this talented technician hails from Bengal.Today i am happy to tribute this talented technician,Director.Even though this Late Cinematographer is not with us his remarkable movies are infront of us.
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