Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Life is Beautiful 331.

Next day Morning Ram was going to his office with Driver Ali.Heavy traffic was in the main Shaick Zayed road.Ali was telling
Sir,every day the traffic is increasing and the government is able to manage ,today being sunday the traffic is heavy because of the week starting.
Ram.Yes,you are right.Today here being the week begining the traffic is heavy and manageable.Metro also working and many they go on their cars this much traffic.
Ali.Yes sir,Last month when i went to India i had been to Bengaluru.The traffic is worst than Chennai.
Ram.Correct.When i went last time to India Bengaluru traffic i saw and surprised why the government is not taking serious thought for developing the infrastructure of good roads.Potholes are really killing  the pedestrians as well motorists.Such a beautiful City  and the tourist traffic also increasing it is high time  the state government should act on this.
Ali.Other wise city is very beautiful,climate and soft spoken people.
Ram.Absolutely People are soft spoken and God fearing.
Ali.Sir,Now the traffic is moving.Another ten minitues we will be in our office.
Dubai is  improving periodically and now  real estate is booming .Most of the Multinational offices ,Channels,and many other big establishments have their regional base in Dubai.
Ram reached his Cabin and his  secretary was waiting for him.
Good morning Sir,Mr Sulai Man will be coming at 2P.M.i got the message now.
Ram.Fine.Thank you have a nice day.
Secretary.You too sir.
Ram is a typical example for his behaviour with colleagues and others.Not many executives will behave like this.He has acquired that capabilities by hisattitude and affection towards others.From academic to  international business affairs he has changed one should admire.
By that time his Mobile was ringing
Hello,Ram here
The Other side call from Cyprus.
Ram,i met you in Cyprus  two years back in the exhibition.My name is Fen tomorrow i am Coming to Dubai .I would like to meet you in your office.Will it be o.k tomorrow.
Ram.O.K.You can come at 11.a.m.Will it be alright.
Fen.Fine,i am reacing Dubai morning 7a.m.no problem
After that Ram was busy in his work.
(to be continued)
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