Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Life is Beautiful 333.

 After that Ram was thinking   Prasanna's   mother for her hospitality.When ever he will visit to their house she will compel him to take lunch.Her tasty preparations Ram love particularly Onion Sambar. His   thinking was disturbed by Atkinson's call
Ram good morning.Good news for you.Yesterday's discussion with Sulaiman given our Company a big Contract for five years.All their advertisements and  media coverage will  go through from us.
Ram.Lovely news Atkinson.
Atkinson.I got the confirmation just now by fax.The credit goes to you Ram.Your approach and presentation they liked very much.
Ram.It is a team effort.
Atkinson.Yes i agree but you are the Leader.
Ram. Thank you for the compliment.
Atkinson.Sulaiman told he will be introducing one more client
Atkinson.Some how rather he likes you .
Ram.Apart from the liking we  give wonderful service to our clients ,that is one of the main reason for our success.
Atkinson.You are right.I strongly believe one should deliver.o.k.Bye.
After his call Ram was busy with  evening programme.By that time Fen called him
Hi Ram ,How are you.Will it be possible to spend some time tomorrow again with you.
Ram.Tell me what time.
Fen.Why do n't you join with me for lunch
Ram.Tomorrow may not be possible.I have lot of work to do because of Rio Olympic coverage.
Fen.I see.We can make it day after tomorrow.
Fen.You select a good South Indian Veg
After his call Ram again gone back to the evening Schedule.
By that time he received a Call from Vasanthy.Ram,good afternoon,how are you
Ram.I am fine.How are you
Vasanthy.Can we meet  in the evening.
Vasanthy.I am coming to Karama to meet my friend.you can come straight from your office to the newly opened mall near to Karama station
Ram.What time.
 After her  call Ram was thinking Why Vasanthy wanted to see him today
(to be continued)
See You Next Week

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