Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life is Beautiful 334.

Exactly at 6P.M Ram reached the new mall situated near Karama station.He sat  on the main entrence area and anxiously waiting for his Beautiful Vasanthy.Till 6.30p.m no sign of her appearence.Ram was worried why she is late.Normally she will come before time.By that time his mobile was ringing
Ram,sorry ,i was  held up in a long traffic near Al maktoum bridge,hope another fiveminitues i will be there.
After hearing her voice Ram was happy.Today's world nothing can be take it granted.Reaching from one place to another and many things we need God's blessings.
After few seconds Vasanthy entered the main entrence  wished Ram.
Sorry,Ram,i started from home early but due to heavy traffic it was delayed.
Ram.No Problem.Come
Vasanthy.Shall we sit in that corner.
Ram.As you wish.
They came to the corner where two seata was vacant.
I am so happy to see you after long time.You are busy in your way and i too
Ram.Any way i wanted to meet you,you called me
Vasanthy.Ram,the purpose of meeting you today about Kathambari's future.
Ram.You already made her a good life partner,but why you  worry now.
Vasanthy.No doubt i got a good life partner,but i have to do someother important things.
Ram.I see,
By that time his mobile was ringing
Hello Ram,I am Sulaiman speaking,i saw you there.I am also in this mall.Can i come there
Vasanthy understood the situation.
Ram,you carry on ,i will call you and meet some other time.
Vasanthy left and Sulaiman came and sat near Ram
(to be continued0
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