Monday, August 8, 2016

Tribute to Writer Ramani Chandran 415.

Today i remembered another interesting personality from the Tamil literary world is none other than writer Ramani chandran.Known for her Versatility and language in many of her stories and  novels.
She is one of the few writers  does n't go for serious fiction subjects,All her stories are light, romanticand no serious  to readers.She has written more than 178 Novels and her stories was popular in the famous Kumudam magazine.I have read  few of her  creations.Those are Valai oosai,Mayangugiral oru madhu,and few i could n't remember.She hails from the famous HCL family is worth to be mentioned here.In this Column i am having the fullest satisfaction of tributing talented personalities of any walks of life.Who ever does a good job on his/her field should be recoganized is my  opinion. Tamil literary World has Wonderful creative writers and this Writer was also popular.Today i am happy to tribute this talented writer.
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