Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Life is Beautiful 332.

 For the past few days Mysuru was very pleasant,Cool and  with lovely Climate.Murthy was about to start  to go to   his office.By that time his phone was ringing.He took the phone,
Ananda Rao was on the other  side .Murthy ,yesterday evening  got a call from Prasanna's mother's neighbour asking me to come immediately to  Prasanna's mother's place.I rushed immediately and shocked to see her in the bed.The neighbour explained me that she  had  slight head ache followed by Giddiness.Then i took her to near by doctor .He prescribed some tablets and asked me to take her to  a Physician.Since i do n't know any body i called you sir.Immediately i took her to my physician friend.He checked her thoroughly and told low pressure and nothing to worry and prescribed some  hypertensive drug.Now she is better.I want to inform you about this and you can talk to Prasanna.
Murthy.Thank you sir,I will talk to Prasanna about this.
After that Murthy reached his office.Immediately called Prasanna about his mother's health.
Then evening he and his wife came to see Prasanna's mother.She was much better .
Raj and his family also came to see her after hearing the news from Ananda rao.
Ram got this news through Prasanna and praying for her speedy recovery .

(to be continued)
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