Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Life is Beautiful 253.

Ram reached home .While getting down he got a call from Vasanthy.He could n't talk because he was going by lift to his floor.Again  she called,
Hello Ram,Have you reached home.
Ram.Yes,Just now.When you call first time i could n't take because i was coming by lift.Tell me
Vasanthy.I am very sorry i could n't meet you today as per my plan.When i was getting ready  my friend called me that she needs my help .I can not refuse to her
Ram.You should not, friendship is important  and  she wants to go to hospital .I appreciate your decision of going with her.
Vasanthy.Ramyou have not disappointed
Ram.Not at all.Having waited for you Two and half decades this is not at all a disappointment.I believe in true love and,affection and not any other .
Vasanthy.I am really proud of you Ram.I too  believe in True love and affection.
Ram.Thank you.I am happy to hear this from my beautiful Vasanthy.
Vasanthy.Had your dinner.
Ram.I am not hungry.I will have few slices of bread with butter.
Vasanthy.What a coincidence.I just had few slices of bread with Orange jam.
Ram.From the beginning our thinking  is same.
Vasanthy.True.Tomorrow can we meet
Ram.I have to check,Murthy is here.I have to take him for  a good movie.
Vasanthy.Which movie.
Ram.Thinking of Tanu weds manu.
Vasanthy.Oh,Madhavan is acting.
Ram.You want to come.
Vasanthy.No,  We can meet some other day.
Vasanthy.Some body is  ringing.See you later,Good night.
Ram.Good night.
After that Ram took few slices of bread along with butter. and came to the hall .
By that time his phone was ringing. Murthy was on the other line
Ram,finished your dinner.
Ram.I am just having it.
Murthy.Sorry, you take.I will call you later
Ram.No Problem,tell me
Murthy.Tomorrow we all go to a movie.Tell Mr Atkinson also
Ram.Which movie
Murthy.The new one Tanu Weds Manu
Ram.I was planning the same movie with you tomorrow
Murthy.Nice,i Will call you tomorrow.Bye now
(tobe continued)
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