Monday, June 22, 2015

Tribute to Writers Suresh and Balakrishnan (Subha (356)

Today  i am going to pen another interesting writers duo is none other than Suresh and Balakrishnan  populaly known as Subha.Nearly  three and half  decades this duo started writing when they are studying in College.Both have Contributed more than  fifty five Stories ,Novels and  story dialoques for tamil  films is worth to be mentioned here.Known for his creativity fiction stories and Characters Narendran and  Vaijayanthi  no one can for get.I have read Couple of stories of this Duo.Those stories are,VaaVennila,VettaiMaan,Naayagi and few i could n't remember.They have penned couple of films with powerful dialoques .KO is one good movie earned a good name for this duo.Couple of films of Stalwart Director K.V.Anand this duo worked is important.  I was more attracted  the film  Ko both in story ,Dialoques and good Cinematography .Ayan and Velayutham  was also very powerful presentation by this  duo.Today i am happy to tribute this Duo who has created a very big impact both in Stories and films.  This duo is respected from  tamil literary world as well film fraternity.This column i am writing in my blog with my little knowledge and if there is any error found should be ignored.
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