Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life is Beautiful 274.

Next day Ram came to his office .Lot of mails was waiting for him in the in box. Many cme from different Clients and few from Raj.One mail was interesting sent by Raj About .The recent ongoing debate on Lalit gate scandal in India  should be covered  in his Channel.By that time Ram received call from Atkinson
Good morning Ram.
Ram.Good morning Mr Atkinson.
Atkinson.What is today's news.
Ram.Lalit gate scandal details i received from Raj.Interesting
Atkinson.Yes,Ihave seen yesterday in India's leading channels.I was surprised how the Indian external affairs minister helped him  when the ED Authorities have many  cases.
Ram.Yes,you are right.The way in which media focusing on this  i am also suspecting the involvement from the Ministers .Any  how it has to be proved and  the ruling government must answer if it is right.Sad state of affairs going on there.
Atkinson.True, ok,have a nice day.
Ram.I will cover this in the evening news.
Atkinson.Nice. T care.
After that Ram was busy in his hectic schedule gave instructions to the Editorial department to cover Lalit gate scandal.
Evening at 4P.M  Prasanna called
Good evening sir, i Have booked tickets for evening show for  Johny Gaddar .
Ram.What happen Tanu Weds Manu
Prasanna.That film has gone yesterday.This movie also very nice.
Ram.O.K. Did you invited Atkinson
Prasanna.Yes,but he has some important meeting  and asked us to carry on.
Ram.Then i will come to the theatre.Which theatre this movie.
Prasanna.Lamzy Plaza
Ram.I will be there at 6-15P.M. bye now.
After that Ram was busy in his routine.
Exactly at 6-15Ram reached the theatre.
(To be continued)
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