Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Life is Beautiful 272.

Ram was more worried about Vasanthy  as the phone was dis connected.By that time his phone was ringing.Kathambari was in the other line
Ram,Mother's friend Ramya met with a small accident.Mother took her to Rasheed hospital.She was asking me wheather you know any Doctor,because  Prasanna must be knowing.
Ram.i will check up with Prasanna.Mother is in Which  ward.
Kathambari.She is in Emergency  room.
Kathambari.Mum called just now.I am having a meeting  so i could n't go.I called Prasanna but his phone was switchedoff.Can you go there.
Ram.I will go now.I will try Prasanna
After that Ali dropped Ram in Rasheed hospital.Ram came to the Emergency room saw Vasanthy.
Vasanthy.Sorry Ram,before i convey the  news hospital people asked me to  stop talking in Mobile in side the premises.
Ram.No Problem, i Came to know  through Kathambari.How is your friend now.
Vasanthy.Now better.When i started to see you i got a call from my friend.She  sliped from the  bath room.Luckily  No major damage.I asked Kathambari to find out from Prasanna he knows any Doctor who can take care of her.
Ram.She could n't contact Prasanna.I talked him now .He said he will talk to his Doctor friend James.
Then Ram went in side saw Ramya.
Good evening Sir.Thank you for coming.
Ram.How you feel now.
Ramya.Pain has reduced little bit.
Ram.You will be alright.
By that time Doctor James came there.
Seeing him Ram,Are you Dr James.
James.Yes ,how you know.
Ram.I know Prasanna will call you .
James.You are the friend of Prasanna.Nice to meet you.
After that he examined Ramya.
Nothing to worry.Luckily she had minor injury.She will be alright in a day.
Then he prescribed some tablets  and ointment for external application.
Ram.Thank you Doctor for your  immediate attention.
James.This is my duty.Prasanna is my good friend and you are his  Guru.
Ram.Thank you so much.
James.You can take her now to home.
Vasanthy.Thank you Ram.
Ramya.Thank you Mr Ram.
After that Ramya  and Vasanthy left.
While going to his house Ali was asking Ram
Sir,what happened.
Ram.One of our friend  sliped in the house.Now ok.
Ali.Now i am happy.
By that time Ram's phone was ringing
(to be continued).
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