Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life is Beautiful 270.

After talking with Raj  Ram received   a call from his friend Ananda Rao.
Ram How are you.
Ram .I am fine.How is your family
Ananda Rao. All are fine.I  want to see Dubai but do n't know the formalities to  get Visa.
Ram.Do n't worry.You  can send your Pass port copies with one photo to mebymail.I will take care.
Ananda rao.What will be the Cost  up and down  and stay for One week.
Ram.It may cost 25,000 Rs roughly for Visa and fare.You can stay with me.Only you  have to spend for your Purchases.
Ananda Rao.Thank you.I will send the details shortly.
Ram.After retirement you have not gone to any place.Your decision of visiting Dubai is  nice.You are welcome.
Ananda Rao.Bye.I will send the details.
After that Ram saw the  News.Shocked about the Students strike in the Prestigious Madras IIT.
By that time Murthy called.
Ram, i am watching  the News.Shocked  the IIT  Episode..
Ram.I am also watching this.Such a reputed and prestigious institute's name  now spoiled.
Murthy.We do n't know the inner story.What ever be the cause thisis very sad.
Ram.Students are the  future leaders of  any Nation ,but there is a limit for protesting.I do agree freedom of speech and expression should be respected. Why this Club has banned we do n't know.Government only knows.Very sad state of affairs.On the one side Modi wants to make India a great nation ,but on the other side  Strikes,hate speeches and Political  opposition allegations.
Murthy.Hope he will win and over come thepresent crisis.
Ram.I am also hoping the same.
Murthy.Sorry to disturb you.Good night.
Ram.Good night.
(to be continued)
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