Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Life is Beautiful 309.

 After Raj' s Conversation was over Ram was busy giving instuctions to Editorial team for the night news bulletin's coverage.By that time he received a call from Vasanthy.
Ram,how are you.Long time no call from you.Are you o.k.
Ram.I am fine.I was little busy.How are you.
Vasanthy.I am fine.Longing to  see you
Ram.Me too.How is life
Ram.I should ask you.Life is Beautiful because you are here
Vasanthy.For me too.
Ram.Tell me,what for you called.
Vasanthy.Today i had been to my bank for renewing my deposit  to Kathambari's marriage.
Ram.Good news.
Vasanthy.There i met Rakesh
Ram.Which Rakesh
Vasanthy.You do n't know.You have for gotten.My friend's husband
Ram was really taken a back.Wheather he has forgotten or Vasanthy is telling now only
He does n't want to  show her.Yes,now i remember
Vasanthy.He was asking me  how i have come to Dubai.I told i left my old bank job  and came to Dubai  with Kathambari
Ram.Where were you are working earlier.All this days i did n't asked this
Vasanthy.I was Working in a Multinational bank and left few years back after Katham bari joined the present job.
Vasanthy.Inever expected you in Dubai two years back.But you  know every thing what has happened to me after i left India. i have written a big letter
Ram could n't remember  that letter.He do es n't want to tell her that he has not read.
Ram.Yes Vasanthy,i read
Vasanthy.Iam happy.You under stood me through that letter.You never spoke about that.You are really a Gem.
Ram.You too.
Vasanthy.This friday you can come for lunch.I will tell Kathambari to bring you.Tcare  Bye now.
Ram could n't recollect which letter she gave to him.He is confident time will solve about  that letter.He does n't want to disappoint his  Beautiful Vasanthy
(to be continued)
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