Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tribute to Dr Rawlin Augustine 394.

Today i remembered another interesting  personality whom i acquainted through this Wonderful  site  Face Book 
for more than   Sixty six months  from my Chennai days  who is a dedicated  Doctor,love his patients,with vast knowledge in Tamil films, known to all the V.I .P dignitaries, respect his senior Professors and always with  smiling  face and above all more attached to parents  is none other than Dr Rawlin Augustine. In 2015   August i met him in his Clinic at Chennai  and had an hour of discussion on various topics.In his busy schedule he has spent that much time showing his respect and regards to his friends.He is not only kind to his patients but also cordial and   friendly with all his Face Book friends which i have been seeing  regularly through his Postings. One of the Successful Physician   not only enjoying  his profession but also entertaining  his Face Book Friends almost every day should  be appreciated.  In any walks of life if a person does a good job he /she should be recognized ,is my conviction.I started this Column in my blog   starting with Late Director C.V.Sridhar Seven and  half years back. I was  very happy meeting  him in 2015 Aug, even though a few occasions i spoke to him over phone.Face Book is one of the Wonderful Platform which brings,unity and creates good friends.We have to choose good friends. I was also very happy to be associated with Dr  since i was in Pharmaceutical Profession for three decades in India.Before concluding i am wishing Rawlin Augustine a bright  future in his Profession  and a happy, healthy and peaceful  life with his family members.
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