Monday, March 7, 2016

Tribute to Shankar Krishnamurthy 393.

Today i am going to pen another Interesting Personality who is capable in all fields  has created a big impact not only in Social Medias but also in film field is none other than my good friend Shankar Krishnamurthy.My association with him was only 77Months through FB  from my Chennai days after i returned from UAE.  i was admired by his high academic credentials with his flare for film industry.He has demonstrated many of his talents  mainly his interviews with various film personalities and others.His frequent calls from Beangaluru ,when i was in chennai for his programmes in Pothigai and other Channels which i saw and cherished.He also introduced me
to a Versatile and remarkable actress Sowcar Janaki and his knowledge in all subjects are Commandable.Since i was also interested in Media,film technicians our friendship has become very strong.I met him in three occassions in Bengaluru  but seeing his activities every day in FB.He has also acted in few films with top class actors and Directors is worth to be mentioned here.His way of writing in FB made me  thrilled.His Knowledge in Politics,Law,Films,Industrial Management is superb.His friends of all walks of life and film celebrities are  great. Today i am very happy to tribute this remarkable friend for his wonderful achievements. My blessings  to him and his Wife for a  long healthy life and wishing Shankar KrishnaMurthy for a bright future in Film Industry which he deserves.
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