Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Life is Beautiful 310.

Mysore was busy on that day.The main popular road Sayaji rao road too.Raj was parking his car in the parking area.Suddenly his mobile was ringing.His wife Nirmala on the other line
Where are you.
Raj.I am in Sayaji rao road .
Nirmala.Why you went here.
Raj.I came to buy sweets from Bombay tiffinis.
Nirmala.Sweets ,for whom
Raj.You have for gotten our Daughter's b day today.
Nirmala.Oh,sorry,i did n't remember today is her Star day
Raj.I wanted to give you a Surprise.Tell me why you called.
Nirmala.Prasanna's mother called to come for their Kalyana utsavam  today evening 5P.M at Vontikopal Venkateswara temple.Now the time is 3-30.Come quickly.
Raj.We are very lucky.Our Pinky's we are going to have Kalyana utsavam darsanam
Nirmala.Yes,come  early.
Raj.O.K.i  will buy mixed sweets for her. and coming  home.
After Nirmala's conversation Ram came to Bombay Tiffinis.
While returning home he received a call from Murthy.
Raj, Prasanna's mother invited me and Srivatsava's family for the Kalyana utsavam function.Are you coming,you are in My sore or Bengaluru
Raj.I am very much in Mysore only.Just now My wife called and told.I will be there with my fmily.We will meet there.
Murthy.Long time we met.Today we will meet and spent some time.See you there
Raj reached home.After  twenty minitues he left his house for the famous Vonti kopal temple.
Before he reaches the temple i have to tell few words about this temple. Three decades back this temple was  not famous.People from that area and many philanthropists took initiative and improved this temple with mighty statue of Sri Venkateswara.Today this is one big land mark for people visiting Mysore.
(to be continued)
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