Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Letter Published in The National UAE on 4April 18 Unemployment has beleaguered India for too long     I refer to the article India's jobs crisis: 25 million applicants for 90,000 vacancies (April 2): Samanth Subramanian's elaborate explanation of the current crisis of unemployment in India was meaningful and thought-provoking. Unemployment has plagued India for too long, no matter who was, or is, in power. Despite the fact that the current Narendra Modi-led government has created numerous policies to boost jobs growth, the number of unemployed continues to increase. Among the causes for this sad reality is the migration from rural to urban India. Another factor that defies all the strategising by governments is the growth of population. The crisis of unemployment will be mitigated somewhat if the government can figure out a way to slow down population growth.K Ragavan, Bangalore

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