Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Life is Beautiful 421.

Next day morning Ram was ready for his work.Ali came at 9A.M
Ali.Good morning sir,Shall we start
Ram.Give me ten minutes .I will come down
After that Ram checked the mails.
By the time he received a phone call.It was his Beautiful Vasanthy
Good morning Ram.I took a chance,you may be at home.
Ram.Pleasant surprise to me.Good morning , i was so happy you remember my birthday.
Yesterday when you told i was thrilled
Ram.How can i for get your b.Day
Vasanthy.I love you so much.Our love is divine one.
Ram.True, Tell me why you called me at this hour
Vasanthy.Just thank you for the rememberence.Had your breakfast
Ram.Yes,Bread.What about you
Vasanthy.Me too Bread I want to meet you  this week
Ram.When.Coming Thuresdayit is possible.
Vasanthy.I will call you.Have a nice day.Bye now
After her call Ram came down.Ali was waiting for him
While going Ram was recollecting yesterday's  B.Day
Today her call made him more happy.
In this Materialistic  World Pure Love and affection still existing is True.Ram and Vasanthy are good friendsand ,lovers for the Past three decades understanding each other.But they have been separated due to circumstances and still Ram has a question with him Why Kathambari is calling her Mummy?
He has missed two letters given by Vasanthy  which would have explained him about Kathambari ,Unfortunately he missed the letters.The Entire story is with these two letters.Let us wait and see time  only will solve and when is the question. Till today the story i am taking crystal clear and events .By the time  Ali reached the office.
Ram's thinking  wasalso over
See You Next Week,

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