Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Life is Beautiful 420.

Kathambari welcomed Ram
Good  After noon Ram,welcome to our home after long time
Ram.Thank you.How are you.
Kathambari.I am fineMummy is talking in side with Nirmala.
Ram.I see,when Nirmala  came
Kathambari.Just now.
By the time Vasanthy came with Nirmala
Good after noon Ram.Welcome
Ram.Same to you.How are you.
Vasanthy.I am fine.Nirmala came just now.
Nirmala.Good afternoon sir
Ram.How are you Journalist
Nirmala.Fine ,Dad told me you will be coming here .Happy to see you after few months.
Ram.Yes,we are meeting after few months.How is Sulaiman.
Nirmala.He is fine.He will be asking  about you often to me.He gives high respect to you
Ram.Thank you.
Vasanthy.Come on .
Kathambari.Mum will be announcing a  Surprise news to all of you.Can any one guess
Nirmala.I am waiting for the suspense news.
Kathambari was looking at Ram
Ram.I guess  today Mum's birth day.
Kathambari.Oh ,fantastic how you guess.Great
Vasanthy was looking at Ram.Her look was telling to Ram.Thank you.You remember my b.day.
Then all went to Dining hall.
Vasanthy and Kathambari was serving the dishes.
Ram.On this occasionI wish Madam AVery Happy and Healthy B.Day.
Nirmala.I want to give a gift to you madam
Vasanthy.No thanks.That is the reason i did n't inform all of you.Your wishes is enough.
Ram's favorite sweet Badam Cake was prepared.
Prasanna.I am also knowing Mother in law's b.day now only.
But Ram sit told correctly.Sir,your guess is fine.
Ram.Thank you. He only knows how he got the information.Because of his habit of Writing Diary he could take out and know his Beautiful Vasanthy's Birth day today.He still rememberthe first birth day he celebrated with her in Mysore.
Prasanna.Sir,what are you thinking.
Ram came out from the imagination.
That was a wonderful day for Ram.
Again Prasanna droped in his house.
(to be continued)
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