Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Life is Beautiful 418.

Next  day evening Ram attended his friend Sekar's son birth day.It was well attended  by his friends and other flat  residents..Some body was singing nicely and some boys started quiz game.It was very nice.After that one boy was talking about diary and how diary writing helps.The Dinner was very nice and Ram's favorite sweet Badam Halwa was served and lastly Ice cream.After spending two hours with Sekar's family Ram came back to his flat.
He was recollecting the evening  function and how children participated  with beautiful I.Q.Suddenly he remembered diary.Ram has got the habit of writing every day  diary.What ever he spends,meeting good people,important thing to be remembered he used to write.Some important incidents and memorable days he used to   re write again  in  every year's diary.This suddenly he remembered
and went and saw his current year diary.While going through the pages one particular page he saw and  wasvery happy.He indirectly thanked Sekar for inviting him to the party
Then he has  seen the mails .Raj   sent  the recent Dalit  Violence in Indian northern states to be covered.Ram replied for that mail  then watched T.V.News for some time.
Exactly 10-30P.M He went to sleep happily  because seeing the diary
Diary what he has read  let it be a suspense  till Ram going for lunch in his Beautiful
Vasanthy's house on friday.

(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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