Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Letter Published in Deccan Herals Bangalore on 9April 18, People's Problems Column 2Page
No Uniform policy
on minimum
balance in a/c
I am an old customer of central bank of india.Recently to my surprise ,they have debited Rs 720 for not maintaining the minimum balance even though i had  Rs 1130  in November 2017left in the account.When i asked for the reason,iwas told i had to maintain  a minimum balance of Rs 2000.This was not communicated to me as the bank has not sent the revised conditions even by SMS.When other banks have the policy of ERs 1000 as the minimum balance.Why is there a discrepancy in this bank/?Banks should maintain uniformly in my opinion. Ihave closed my account now.
Banks should inform the customers and they should not do this especially to old customers.Very sad state of affairs.
Gubbalala Main road

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