Friday, March 20, 2015

Article 395.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE  24 Mar 15,

Heavy challenge

A few days back I met an old friend at a shopping complex, I did not recognise him at first as he looked quite lean. He had come from Chennai after attending a relative’s wedding. I inquired about how it is that he looked so different. 

He explained that he had reduced a lot of weight and followed a strict regimen. 

He added that it included diet with a strict control over calories, going out for a walk once a day and not sitting in front of a television. I asked him exactly how many kilos he had lost. He said 18 and I was stunned. 

As I was returning home, I remembered what my friend who happens to be a doctor once told me about drastic weight loss. He had explained that weight reduction must be done gradually and not drastically.  Whatever may be the reason for my friend’s weight loss, he looked much smarter and fitter. 
K. Ragavan 

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