Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life is Beautiful 260.

 Ram was busy  in his office.Suddenly  Mr Atkinson entered  to his cabin
Ram, How are you.
Ram.I am fine Mr Atkinson.Please come
Atkinson.Why i came here is, Mr Murthy has sent me a mail.
Ram.I see,What is the matter.
Atkinson. Murthy is coming to Dubai  next Monday.He did n't ask us for the reservation. But i told our personal department to book a room in Sheraton.You can mail him about his accomodation.I just forward his letter to you.
Ram.Thank you Mr Atkinson I will mail him now.
Atkinson.Take care.Apart from this you and Kathambari should meet the Sharjah ruler at 11Am for an interview.
Ram.  Interview regarding
Atkinson.Recently Sharjah was bestowed  among  10 best cities in the World.I already spoke to Ministry secretary for the  tomorrow's interview.
Ram.Yes, i read it in all the four papers of UAE. Really a good news.I will go with Kathambari tomorrow.
Atkinson.Bye,Have a nice day.
Ram.You too.
After he left Ram sent mail to Murthy.Then he was busy with his routine work.Suddenly he received a Call from Prasanna.
Good Morning sir,How are you.
Ram.I am fine Prasanna.
Prasanna.Mr,Murthy is coming with our MD next monday.
Ram.I know.We have booked in Sheraton  and i sent mail to murthy.
Prasanna.I thought of booking .You have taken trouble.
Ram.No,Murthy has written to Atkinson.Atkinson only  arranged for this.
Prasanna.Any way i will talk to Mr Atkinson on this.I do n't want to disturb you in the Morning hours.Take care.We will meet next week.
Ram.Bye,you too take care.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

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