Monday, March 23, 2015

Tribute to Cinematographer Sudhin Majumdar 343.

To day i remembered another interesting film personality from  bolly wood film field is none other than Cinematographer Sudhin Majumdar.Six decades back he has given remarkable films. He has worked with popular actors of Yesteryear actors like  Amitabh Bachhan,Late Shammi Kapoor,  Randhir Kapoor and  many others.His frame work of both indoor and out door is more visible. He has given many remarkable films in his career.Few films i have seen of this doyen.Those films i remember was ,Ram pur Ka Lakshman,Anmol moti,Mard old,Haath ki safai,and Bombay Ka chor.One of the few Cinematographers respected from the Industry.Anmol moti film he has shot nicely in Under water if i remember ,which i saw in Madurai .With out much advanced  technical  equipments  in those days he  has done a wonderful work in Anmol moti.Jeetendra,Babita ,Aruna irani and late Jag deep are the actors if i remember in this movie. Bolly wood is known for it's technical excellancy in Cinematography for many years.Today some of the top class south Indian Cinematographers  are delivering remarkable movies is not a exaggerated one.Today i am happy to tribute this talented Cinematographer.
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