Monday, March 16, 2015

Life is Beautiful 259.

After that Anandarao  came to his house. His house was situated  Yadav giri a beautiful place ,where most of the retired people settled..Ananda rao  sent a mail to Ram about Som's son's  arrival to Dubai will be meeting him for guidence. Rao 's nature he will do  the committed work immediately.Since he promised Som ,he has immediately mailed to Ram.This quality he learned from Ram. By that time his phone was ringing.Ram was on the other line
How are you Rao
Rao.I am fine.How is that you are calling me at this hour
Ram.Just i read your mail.Your friend's son can contact me.
Rao.Nice of you Ram.For this you called me
Ram.Yes, How is your Mrs and other friends.
Rao.All are fine.
Ram.Tell Raj ,iconveyed my regards,Take care Bye now.
Rao.Bye, You too take care
After the Conversation Rao was  thinking about the beautiful qualities of Ram.Then he gave a call to Raj
Hello Rao .How are you.
I am fine Raj.Just now Ram spoke to me.He has conveyed his regards to you.
Raj.Thank you. In fact i wanted to  send a mail to Ram to day
Rao.I see.Come home with family Since .Long time   you visited our place.Come on Ugadi day for lunch.
Raj.Thank you,we will be celebrating  in our house.Iwill make it some other day.Bye now.Thanks for the call.
After talking with Rao Raj received a call from Murthy
Raj,how are you.
Raj.I am fine Murthy.
Murthy.I am going to Dubai next week for  one week with my M.D.
Raj.Now tram has come there.
Murthy.Yes,i read it .Two days back  i was in Bangalore visited the Natural hospital to see one of our Distrbutor's son taking treatment where i met the AAP man.
Raj.I see.
Murthy.He talked high about Bangalore  and the people.
Raj.Probably he is aiming for his entry in Karnataka.Tomorrow once he discharged and resume office he will be facing tough time in Delhi.
Murthy.Yes,the recent development in AAP
Raj.As a Journalist i am waiting  how he is going to solve the present crisis.Sorry to bother you.
Murthy.Not at all.Before i leave we will meet.I will call you.Bye
(to be continued)
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