Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Life is Beautiful 261.

Murthy came to Raj's house before leaving to Dubai.Already he spoke to Raj over phone about his visit to Raj's house.Raj was watching the final  cricket  match of world cup.Seeing Murthy he was very happy
Hello Murthy,why family has not come.
Murthy.All are watching the match.Our team should  win .
Raj.I too pray for that but the way in which our players are playing i am loosing my hope.
Murthy.Australians bowling and fielding is very good.
Raj.Yes.You can have lunch with me.
Murthy.Not today.I will come some other time after returnigfrom Dubai.
Raj. O.k. You can have sweet.
Murthy.What sweet.
Raj.My wife prepared Mysore pak which Ram likes very much.I am giving to Ram and Prasanna also to your family.
Murthy.Nice.I will take it to Ram.
Raj.Please have ,Raj's wife brought the sweets.
Murthy.Very nice.
Raj.Oh my god one more Wicket has gone.
Murthy.Who is out.
Murthy.I was told his  lady has come for the match.
Raj.This last final match he miserably failed.
Murthy.True.For this match   lot of hype from media about Indians.
Raj.True, Our people played very well in the earlier matches.I do n't know why they are  performing like this.
Murthy.One more wicket fallen.
Murthy.O.K.I will make a move.Have a Wonderful day.
Raj.You too.Happy and safe journey.Regards to all our friends in Dubai.Take this parcel.My whife kept separate separate in cluding Kathambari.
Murthy.Bye.I will keep in touch.
(to be continued).
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