Monday, March 16, 2015

Tribute to Writer M.A.Susila 342.

Today i am going to pen another interesting and versatile personality from the tamil literature world is none other than Women writer M.A.Susila.. She is not only a Professor,Writer,Translator and above all good speaker.Chettinad has created many talented people on various walks of life and incidently this famous writer was also born in Karaikudi Chettinad, is worth to be mentioned here.She has worked in various colleges viz,famous Fathima College,Madurai and other places.Because of her family back ground she was inspired to read in her younger days ,later made her a good writer.Her first story  oru uyir vilai pokirathu got first prize  in Kalki  in 1979.Famous writers Rajam krishnan,Vaasanthy,kirthika ,Bhama and Sivakami,are liked by this writer.More than  eighty stories she has contributed and some are translated to other languages. I have read few stories of this writer all are remarkable.She has also contributed College dramas and directed.I am writing this column of various personalities
and if there is any mistake, can be ignored. Very few people will have this type of talents and this writer continue her work is laudable.Today i am very happy to tribute this talented Professor,Writer,Speaker and translator.Tamil literary world has many women writers and their contribution no one can deny.
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