Friday, July 24, 2015

Article 413.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 25July 15 (413).
Slap in the wrist
I met an old colleague of mine after a long time at a shopping complex in Bengaluru (India). This guy was working with me in my company for a decade. He is a jolly good fellow and an excellent humorist.
He used to do mimicry like our boss.
And on one such occasion, he was caught in our cycle meeting room while imitating our immediate boss. We thought he would get expelled for his act. At that time the boss only said, “I will see you soon.” We knew something was coming. As he was called to see the boss, we were praying he should be let off with a warning or a slap in the wrist.
You will be surprised at the punishment he got from the boss.
The boss handed him a small memento for his brilliant imitation act. We were surprised to see the memento.
I am yet to come cross a person like my old boss who was sportive and take things in the right spirit.
We exchanged pleasantries after a cup of tea and departed.

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