Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life is Beautiful 276.

Ram entered his Cabin.After seeing the mails in the in box he received a call from Raj
Gd morning Ram.How are you.Today i will be sending detailed mail on the recent verdict by SCPanel on the IPL Scam.
Ram.Yesterday i saw the news in the Indian Channels.Shameful .
Raj.I will be sending to you  for   good coverage in your channel.
Raj.BY now,take care.Regards to all our friends.
Ram.Same to you.
After that Ram was completely busy with his work.
In the Lunch Kathambari came to see Ram.
Ram,do you know my favorite team was banned for two years.
Ram.you are talking about Chennai Super king.
Ram.Cricket is one of the Sophisticated and talented game should go for gambling.The judgement has rightly given.
Kathambari.I agree with you.I felt bad for Chennai Super king.How about your lunch
Ram.I am thinking of ordering
Kathambari.No need.I brought  more chapathis and   Curd rice.
Ram.Why  today
Kathambari.Just like that.I want to share with you today
Ram.As you wish.
After finishing the lunch Ram received another call
Ram.Hello,who is that
Prasanna.SirIt 's me.My phone i have for gotten  to take. This is from our office
Ram.Tell me what is the matter ,How is Murthy
Prasanna.He is fine.Only i am little upset
Ram.What happen
Prsanna.My favorite team Rajasthan Royals was banned for two years.
Ram.Yes,i know.We should not have the liking for a  Particular team or persons.We should like the gameand game should be played sportively
Prasanna.Quite true Sir.This is only my feeling.Take care sir,bye
(To be continued)
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