Monday, July 6, 2015

Tribute to Writer A.S.Raghavan 358.

Today i am going to pen another interesting personality from the tamil literary world is none other than writer A.S.Raghavan.In his earlier days he started a magazine  called Vinayaka hand written  is worth to be mentioned here. Apart from this  his personal experience and other circumstances  has instigated  in his later days to became  a versatile writer.H is writings are revolutionary and social  related subjects  welcomed by thousands of readers.His first story Salima Begaum was published in the famous tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan made him to concentrate  more on magazines.His stories was published in famous magazines Viz,Kalki,Kalaimagal,Amuthasurabi and Dinamani kathir.He  was bestowed many awards from various magazines and also cash  awards.Simple language like crystal clear is his writing.Even though he has written more than two hundred stories,hundred radio dramas,and  more than 15novels he was living very simple life which was admired by  thousands of his readers.I have read few  novels  of this stalwart  viz MalarnthaManam,uyirnonbu,and some i could n't recollect. You should love and respect others    was  his principle and he maintained till his last breath.What little i know i have written about this great writer if there is any error found in this column kindly ignore.Even though he has departed from us his remarkable creations are in front of us. Incidently he was born in Karur from tamilnadu known for famous bedsheets like his famous storiesToday i am very happy to tribute this great  writer.
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