Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life is Beautiful 278.

Next day evening Ram was starting for the Lintas Group party.Suddenly he received a call from Mr Atkinson. He was surprised why by this time he is calling
Hello Mr Atkinson, I am just starting for the party
Atkinson.For that only i am calling.I received a call from Lintas Group PRO they have canceled their party today
Ram.Is it,May i know the reason
Atkinson. Half an hour  back they saw the demise  news of former Indian President Abdul Kalam
Ram.Yes ,i saw in the Times Now .Great leader with simplicity
Atkinson.I admire his qualities ,his devotion  and above all his vision and dream
Ram.Lintas has done a good thing post poned the party.
Atkinson.That is the reason i called you.
Ram.Thank you .Take care ,Bye now.
Atkinson.Bye .
After few minitues Ram received a call from Raj.
Hello Ram,You  know the news
Ram.Yes,I saw it in the T.V.
Raj.I am sending the details of the Great Leader to cover.
Ram.It is a pleasure to cover in our Channel.
Raj.For that reason only i called.Bye now.
After that Ram received few more calls from his Clients and Prasanna.Kathambari was feeling for the Leader's departure.She loves Kalam for his Simplicity and Knowledge.
Ram was also feeling for this great man. He also understood  departure is inevitable.
That evening was a sad evening for Ram.Not only for Ram for his Channel also.
Birth and death is a continuousprocess no one can deny.
(to be continued)
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